The history of beer is a lot more important than you may initially believe.  Beer is one of the oldest beverages that humans have ever made and takes us on a winding journey, about 7,000 years into the past, to where beer was first created – modern day Iran.

This spirited drink quickly swept through the world. At the time, beer was the first liquid of its kind – highly moveable and an enjoyable source of nutrition, energy and plain old satisfaction that the world had ever known.

As the people of the world traveled to faraway lands, the concept of beer traveled with them. Although each region may not have been equipped in the same ways for brewing beer, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. And people needed their beer. So, regions began to use what they had and kept trying new methods until it worked. The concept of beer was simple, but the right execution took innovation.

Back in the day Egyptians used barley to brew their beers, which is still common practice for many breweries today. However, the progression of beer launched into a new realm of opportunity when brewers in the region we now call Germany, began using hops instead of barley. As people continued to explore and innovate, the traditions of craft beer became ever more diverse.

These traditions can be tasted in every sip of craft beer today. Each region, each country, and each brewery in every US state is able to produce a unique craft beer by using what comes naturally and doing things in their own distinctive way.

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