Martha & Mary has been caring for the Greater Kitsap community for over 126 years. Today we offer a family of care services to smooth life’s transitions, including senior housing, rehabilitation, home care, and long-term care, in addition to childcare, early learning and school programs.

This is our story…

The Early Years: 1891 – 1941

In 1891, Reverend Ingebrit Tollefson and other leaders of First Lutheran Church (Fordefjord Congregation, at that time, a member of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church) saw the need for an orphanage. The church, community members and Rev. Tollefson built a home to care for 20 children in Poulsbo. This orphanage established the official beginnings of Martha & Mary.

The children’s home expanded during the first part of the 20th century. Additions were made to the original building until it housed about 60 children with employees of the facility often receiving room and board in lieu of salary. The organization was a well-know charity within the Lutheran Church, and there were Martha & Mary Societies throughout the United States, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.


A new brick building is dedicated on May 30, 1941, our golden anniversary.


The orphanage becomes a home for troubled boys.


Transition to care for seniors in response to community need.


The Ebenezer (the “old folks home” on the hill) closes for renovation after 71 years.


Martha & Mary returns to caring for children. Today Martha & Mary KIDS serves more than 1,000 children at ten sites throughout Kitsap county.


The Ebenezer re-opens as Martha & Mary Retirement Apartments with 24 independent living units.


The Health and Rehab Center is extensively remodeled and becomes a modern 190-bed healthcare facility.


Martha & Mary adds non-medical in-home care to its family of companies, offering clients in-home care throughout Greater Kitsap.


Martha & Mary begins management of Bay Vista Commons, an assisted living facility owned by the Bremerton Housing Authority.


Martha & Mary opens Village Green Senior Apartments in Kingston.

We continually strive to connect the ages, helping our children, residents, staff, and volunteers grow in understanding and appreciating the gifts that both young and old bring into our lives.

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